Who Am I...

Guess Ill take this time and give you a brief history of my background. My name is Justin Burns, I’m a Mississippi boy who was raised in Baton Rouge LA. 

I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life as an electrician/ Instrument tech. I’m big into personal development and have a passion teaching.

 So being in the trade for as long as I have noticed  something and that is most people are getting stuck as mechanics and never actually learning electrical.  

 I’ve always been someone who would go home study my ass off just to go to work and teach someone what ever it was I went home and learned.

So a personal goal of mine is to help a billion people through out my life. IDK how I’m going to do that but I’ve always said i would. I’m hoping by creating this blog i can get a large portion of that goal met. 



 Started from the bottom now I’m here….


Im trying to Network so if your a linked minded individual lets connect. looking to start making videos so if your in the construction indusrty and want to put something together. For real>>>Shoot me an email at


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